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I grew up loving the ocean – despite spending my first 18 years of life in Detroit. Starting diving at age 13 and degrees in marine biology from University of Miami convinced me that a life lived studying the ocean was for me. I grew up in a Christian home and continue to follow that faith. However, it has only been recently that I have discovered how my faith relates to my love of the ocean. I am working towards a life that integrates my beliefs and love of the ocean in a way that brings blessing to people, nations, and the planet.

I consult with a number of organisations on marine conservation and research and hold various roles, official and not official. With A Rocha, I am Lead Scientist of A Rocha International’s Marine and Coastal Conservation Programme and also direct A Rocha Kenya’s Marine Conservation and Research Programme. I am an associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.

My research focuses on biodiversity conservation, marine protected areas, fisheries and poverty alleviation, and fish ecology. Current projects are varied, but include 1) identifying and conserving previously overlooked biodiversity in Watamu Marine National Park (WMNP), Kenya, 2) Shark biodiversity and cultural/spiritual value in coastal Kenya, 3) population assessments and conservation of the Noble Pen Shell Pinna nobilis in the Mediterranean Sea 4) microplastic monitoring of beaches in The Camargue, France and  5) developing faith-based resources and practical projects for marine conservation.

Writing about faith and marine conservation can be found on this site and my booklet entitled Hope for the Ocean can be purchased here. I recently wrote an article for the American Scientific Affiliations God and Nature magazine on marine conservation

Publications available at https://independent.academia.edu/RobertSluka and
For general enquiries: bobsluka _at_ hotmail.com

For A Rocha related enquires: bob.sluka _at_ arocha.org

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